For Employers

Why use a recruiter?

It can take a huge amount of time to search for a suitable candidate, and time is money!

Did you know that 50% of the current workforce in Canada is over 50 years old? Many will be retiring in the next 5 to 10 years. There will be a shortage of personnel with enough working experience to replace the senior people who will be retiring.

Today it is more difficult than ever to find qualified candidates. Finding the right people is essential to your company and its ability to thrive and grow. That is why so many employers are using recruiters to help find the right candidates. Instead of spending huge amounts of time and effort finding qualified candidates you can rely on our experience to sort through the endless mass of possible applicants for you. If you do not have an HR department then working with MountainCrest could be crucial to the success of your company.

Even if you are a company large enough to have your own Human Resource department, teaming up with MountainCrest Personnel can help you find the most qualified candidates.

Types of Employment

At MountainCrest Personnel Inc., we specialize in matching candidates for full-time placements only.  If a candidate is taken on to your staff for a full-time position , a finder’s fee of 15% of their yearly starting salary will be charged.

We are now offering a special with companies who hire multiple candidates  in the same year. The first hire will be charged the standard finders fee of 15%, the second at 12%, and the third at 10%, at which point it starts over again.  

In my role as President and Technical Recruiter, I supply top personnel in Engineering, Manufacturing, Trades, and Construction Companies in North America. I have over 20 years of Technical working experience supplying top personnel for positions in Manufacturing, Engineering, Architecture, Trades, Senior Management, Construction management, Project Management, Design, and Technical Sales. I supply top personnel for companies in British Columbia, Alberta, and companies that have their Head Offices, back in Ontario, Quebec, and the USA.

I will only submit resumes of qualified personnel, with at least 75% or more, of the working experience that is required.

The time to take action and bring new junior personnel to eventually replace your Senior Personnel is NOW.

Employers: please give me a call at 604-377-9055 if you are looking for any qualified personnel for your company in technical or specialty areas. Don’t be shy, and please give me a call, if you have any questions, concerns, or if you would like to talk!